Wayside Maintenance Worker
Mobile Application

Rushil Patel
Ronald Pekarchik

Robert Atilho


  • Wayside controller performs all the functions
      • Railroad crossing signals
      • Train signals
      • Track switch signals
  • Technicians in the field still work using hard copy codebook
  • Wastes man hours diagnosing wayside controller
      • Looking up codes
      • Testing track
  • Push for wireless wayside controller systems


  • Increase the safety of technicians out in the field
  • Help company save money and man hour resources
  • Expand knowledge on mobile application development
  • Learn different communication protocols
  • Better understand client server communication

Technical Challenges

  • Programming for android platform
      • Eclipse SDK
      • Android OS 4.0 or above
  • Understanding the current wayside system and server communication protocols
  • Interpret and parse their diagnostic data format
      • ASCII/HEX
      • Codes in the codebook
  • Working with their current hardware and technologies
      • Cellular attachment (SIM Cards) for wireless communication
      • Standalone configuration (serial connection)
  • Ideas: SQL Database, Web Application, Security (ssh from telnet)

Milestone 1

  • Requirements document, design document and test plan
  • Setup android SDK
  • Android "Hello World"
  • Application design
  • Program to parse error codes from the wayside controlled

Milestone 2

  • Store codebook inside android application (SQLite)
      • "codebook" refers to the translation of error code in to human readable format
  • Design algorithm to compare error codes and look up related tasks to perform
  • Design user interface to display human readable translation of log file and follow up steps for the technicians
  • Research different ways to automate downloading of log files over a wireless network.

Milestone 3

  • Setup wireless connection to the wayside controller via cellular network
  • Implement user friendly GUI for technicians to work with in the field.
  • Improve/test application security

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